What Are The Benefits Of 3D Foot Scanning For Custom Orthotics?

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3D scanning technology has created new ways of developing custom orthotics over recent years. 3D foot scanners aren’t a necessary stage of modern orthotics, as you can still effectively use plaster of Paris,  but they can offer a number of benefits to podiatrists and their patients which can improve the quality of care on offer when prescribing custom orthotics. 

3d foot scanning in darwin

What is a 3D foot scan?

A 3D foot scan uses various technologies to create a digital image or ‘footprint’ of the foot in 3. There are a few different types of 3D foot scanners, with some using lasers or infrared light, and others using a 3D pin matrix to map the contours of the feet.

What are the benefits of a 3D foot scan?

3D foot scans are also extremely accurate – within 0.4mm of accuracy. A 2014 study showed that 3D foot scanners demonstrated more accuracy than many other methods and supported the use of 3D scanners for this reason.

Compared to traditional casting methods, 3D foot scanners are environmentally friendly, resulting in less material waste. They’re also extremely fast and efficient, which enables the podiatrist to spend more time assessing the patient. As it is a digital 3D image of the foot, this allows the foot scan to be emailed to the orthotic laboratory, which may be interstate.

How 3D foot scans are used in orthotics

3D foot scanners allow podiatrists to quickly and accurately scan the feet to create custom orthotic devices tailored to the patient’s individual foot. Not only does this streamline the work of orthotics, but it produces better quality results and a more comfortable solution for the patient.

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