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Swan Podiatry and Orthotics is a deliberately small, private podiatry clinic established to provide specialist foot, ankle and lower limb care. We provide tailored, personalised services aimed at treating the patient, from elite athletes to people just wanting to start exercising. 

The foot is an amazingly complex structure allowing us to perform many everyday functions that we tend to take for granted- until something goes wrong. It is therefore crucial for us to seek expert advice to help in keeping us happy, healthy and pain-free. 

Swan Podiatry is conveniently located within Movement for Life Physiotherapy in Coconut Grove, Darwin. Our main clinic is ideal for those living in Darwin and its suburbs, with a weekly satellite clinic established to help service Katherine and other surrounding rural and remote regions. 

Our podiatry services apply best practices and new technologies that allow us to provide top of the line care. During your initial appointment we discuss your issue in depth, making sure you are listened to, and that your treatment goals align with what we can provide. We will do assessments of the feet and legs while standing, moving and sitting so we can find out the underlying cause of the issue and can create a management plan to suit. We may require referring for further imaging to determine the exact cause of symptoms, such as an x-ray or ultrasound. HICAPS terminals in all clinics allow on-the-spot claiming with private health insurance, which means you only need to pay the remaining gap. We accept referrals from Medicare and DVA if you have a valid referral from your GP.

If you have injured yourself playing sport or simply have painful feet, a biomechanics assessment is aimed to find the specific bony or soft tissue structure involved in causing pain in your feet or legs. We’ll examine your feet, check joint range of motion and provide video gait analysis and additional tests.

Orthotics are foot inserts that go inside your shoe. You may have pain and discomfort as a result of improper alignment of the feet and legs, orthotics may be required to help distribute this force better and making the foot work more efficiently.

Skin and nail problems are common and can be chronic. Treatment from an expert is usually quick and pain-free, allowing you to get on with your normal activities.

Ingrown nails are when the corner or side of the nail grows into the skin at the side of the toe causing pain, and infection in more serious cases.

Kids feet are unfortunately not immune to pain, with problems arising because children are often highly active, growing rapidly and can have poor alignment or biomechanics.

Diabetes can affect your blood flow and feeling to your feet. A check up, at least every year, is recommended.

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