Biomechanics Assessments Darwin

Biomechanical assessments are an accurate method of determining the exact cause contributing to your foot and leg pain. Sometimes abnormalities within the foot structure itself may be to blame and these assessments enable us to pinpoint these issues.


If you’re looking at visiting us for a Biomechanics assessment, please keep in mind that this is a longer appointment and usually takes up to 45 minutes to carefully assess, diagnose and manage any foot problems that are present. The assessment involves a thorough history-taking, assessments of the feet and legs including joint range-of-motion testing, standing and dynamic tests as well as digital video gait analysis. We’ll then discuss with you the overall goals and treatment options suitable for you.

Treatments can include custom or semi-custom orthotics, rock-taping, rigid sports strapping, dry needling, foot mobilisation techniques, footwear recommendations, activity modification, stretching and strengthening programs.

Custom orthotics

Custom orthotics are made with the use of the latest in 3D scanning technology and the highest quality materials including light-weight 3D printer orthotics. In some cases, orthotics for plantar fasciitis may be required in addition to other treatments.

We will make sure you understand the treatments we are presenting and help you make an informed decision on your treatment plan so you are comfortable with your options.

Once you have received the personalised treatment plan arranged for you, we will schedule follow up visits to ensure you are getting the expected results, whether those include a reduction in pain or correction of internal issues with the feet.

When you book in to see us for a Biomechanics assessment, you can be rest assured that you will receive personalised care. Not only that, you will see the same doctor at every visit so we can get to know you and establish a level of comfort and trust.